Valentine – Red Foiled Milk Chocolate Hearts Presented in a PVC Cube Finished with a Red Happy Valentine Ribbon 120g

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Having chocolate after a meal gives you happiness and feels like melting in your mouth with rich milk and chocolate flavor. You can very well enjoy the richness and smoothness of this 120 g milk chocolate wrapped in red foiled paper that is heart-shaped. They are purely alcohol-free and the best choice for vegetarians. This mouth-melting heart-shaped milk chocolate is manufactured from Koshier Diary and originated from the US. They are centered as desserts.


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With just the first bite you feel like having more as you go into their fabulous softness when you bit them and feel them in your mouth. By the look of the color of this red foil, gives you an impression that this milk chocolate wins your hats off and makes you close to it forever. By the look of the box and ribbon, you know how tasty and the feel of the chocolate is, which makes you want even more.

As they are rich in cocoa butter, they are soft at body temperature and give you an eternal soft and chocolaty feel in your mouth and also a silky feel, that you never experienced before.  Being named Valentine chocolates, they are not only meant for couples but to family and friends too.

Surprise your Valentine or loved one with a premium box of Red Foiled Valentine’s Milk Chocolates. The whole pack weighs 120g, enriched with rich cocoa butter and milk, that melts your heart and mind and feels romantic and much more love. The ingredients that are being used are sugar, cocoa butter, and non-fat dry milk. Chocolate butter fat (milk), soy lecithin, and natural flavors. Even though they are vegan, they apply to non-vegans too.

Each of the milk chocolate that you see in the red box covered with red foil paper is elegant and that is attractive to gift them or buy on your or their special day. This is the only perfect chocolate for the sweet tooth for those chocolate lovers. The PVC cube box that is being presented and sealed comes with the result of a red Valentine ribbon, where you can write your message and branding to your loved ones. With just one bite, it melts both your heart and mind.

These heart-shaped milk chocolates are being loved and eaten by many, even kids around the world. There is nothing that beats your heart with the smoothness of heart chocolate wrapped in Valentine’s red foiled paper. Giving this chocolate on a special day is the best way to express the love and care that you have for them. They are a special way to express your love.

Gifting chocolates on Valentine’s Day is a timeless and cherished tradition that is even practiced now. If in the past royalties gave chocolates to express their love, why can’t we? No matter how much you deny it, you can never forget the smooth chocolate taste of milk and chocolate in them. One would rather regret it than say no to it.