Neapolitan Chocolates

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Relish the wonderful combination of flavours in personlised Neapolitan Chocolates. It is an impeccable trio propelled by the culinary allure of Naples. Envision the three layers of bliss in one single chocolate. First is the rich taste of dull chocolate then the velvety pleasantness of milk chocolate and a hint of refinement with white chocolate.

Minimum Order – 4000 Pieces


Order Quantity Price
4000 – 9999 8.5 Pence per bar
10,000 – 49,999 8 Pence per bar
50,000 – 99,999 7.5 Pence per bar
100,000 + 7 Pence per bar

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These personlised chocolate neapolitans are not only a treat for your taste buds but they are also a visual feast. Each layer is fastidiously created from changing each nibble into a delightful excursion through Naples’ culinary legacy. Encased in a rich box, they become an ideal conductor for sharing happiness or expressing acts of kindness, encapsulating the hospitality of Naples.

Whether savouring these chocolates with friends and family or cherishing a solitary moment, personlised Neapolitan Chocolates offer a remarkable break to the core of Naples.  Dive into this extraordinary chocolate experience that rises above the standard. It conveys the essence of Naples directly to your sense of taste. Let the layers of flavour transport you to the glow and lavishness of Naples, making each bite a festival of the city’s culinary creativity.

Step into the universe of Neapolitan personlised Chocolates. It is a superb trio that carries the flavours of Naples. Envision biting into the first layer of dark chocolate which resembles a journey through the rich history of Naples’ culinary customs. The intense cocoa notes make a striking and fulfilling experience, making way for what’s to come.

Next up is the milk chocolate layer, a smooth embrace of sweetness that reflects the tasty treats that Naples is known for. It adds a rich and encouraging touch, making each bite a moment of pure guilty pleasure. As the chocolate symphony arrives at its finale, the white chocolate layer takes the centre stage. This layer encapsulates refinement with a delicate and lasting impression that elevates the whole experience.

Beyond the delectable flavours, the packaging of personlised Neapolitan Chocolates is like a work of art. Decorated with a touch of Italian design, the box not only protects these sweet treasures but also reflects the artistic soul of Naples itself.

Neapolitan Chocolates go beyond just being a simple treat. They’re a heartfelt tribute to Naples in each piece. Ideal for imparting delight to friends and family or giving to somebody extraordinary. These personlised chocolate neapolitans embody the warmth and friendliness of Naples.

Whether you relish them with companions or enjoy a quiet moment to yourself, Neapolitan Chocolates guarantee a chocolate experience that is remarkable. It is an experience of Naples’ flavours that captivates your senses and adds a bit of refinement to your chocolate bites. Submerge yourself in the realm of Neapolitan Chocolates and let each nibble transport you to the core of Italy.