Promotional 50g Chocolate Bars & Wrapper

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Enjoy the rich and smooth goodness of our 50g Milk Chocolate Bar. It is a scrumptious treat enveloped by shiny silver foil for an exquisite touch. The lavish experience stretches out past the superb taste, as the bar is decorated with a full-variety printed covering that adds a visual feast to your faculties.


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Our personlised chocolate bar is made with an orchestra of velvety pleasantness and smooth surface which creates a heavenly sensation with each bite. The silver foil improves the aesthetic appeal as well as preserves the chocolate’s freshness which ensures a scrumptious experience from the first opening up to the last snack.

The full-colour printed covering adds a customised touch, making this small chocolate bar an ideal gift or a superb self-indulgence. Whether you relish it single-handedly or share it with others, this scrupulously created chocolate bar guarantees a moment of pure bliss. Elevate your chocolate experience with this stunning blend of flavour, texture, and visual charm.

Enjoy the universally loved delight of chocolate with our Personlised Chocolate Bars. Ideal for corporate gifting. Tese delightful treats are intended to improve your image presence and effectively convey your message.

Key Features:

  • Make your mark by customising the entire wrapper with eye-catching designs and vibrant colours. It ensures your brand stands out in every bite.
  • Comprises of the flavourful milk chocolate. Each bar weighs 50g and offers a rich and smooth taste which gives a fantastic experience to the customer. This small chocolate bar is an absolute bliss to the taste buds.
  • Feel better about your decision as our personlised chocolate bars are proudly made in the UK from sustainable cocoa. This obligation to eco-accommodating practices aligns your brand with responsible sourcing.
  • Minimum Order of 100 Bars is acceptable. Whether for an enormous-scale campaign or a smaller event, our minimum order of 100 bars ensures accessibility for different promotional needs.
  • Design the appearance to suit your brand by picking your favoured foil colour, adding an extra dash of shine to your dark chocolate bars.
  • These chocolate bars are sized at 50mm x 117mm x 8mm, making them simple to deal with and distribute at any special occasion.
  • Showcase your creativity and your brand’s personality by designing your own chocolate bar wrappers. Express your unique messaging and style.
  • Your personlised chocolate bars will be prepared within a short time, ensuring a prompt delivery for you.
  • The whole wrapper is accessible for full-variety print. It gives ample space to feature your brand’s logo, slogan, and symbolism. Easily customised on the internet or can be downloaded with the provided artwork template.

Embrace the power of sweet impressions with our Personlised Chocolate Bars. Whether as a badge of appreciation or a tool for brand perceivability, these chocolates offer a scrumptious way for passing on your message and leave an enduring impact.