Promotional – 25g Dark Chocolate Easter Egg Wrapped in Gold Foil

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Step into a universe of extravagance with our 25g Dark Chocolate Easter Egg. Expertly created for a great encounter, this egg is an ideal mix of rich dark chocolate wrapped by exquisite gold foil. The hidden little goody moulded 25g dark chocolate is an outright new and flavorful treat to your easter festival. Lift the delight of hidden treat with our personlised Dark Chocolate Easter eggs. Each bite has a festival of uniqueness and pleasantness custom-made only for you.


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Unwrapping the egg reveals a treat that goes past basic pleasantness. The smooth dark chocolate melts in your mouth, offering an ensemble of flavours that dance on your taste buds. The brilliant packaging not just adds a dash of refinement to your Easter festivals yet in addition guarantees the chocolate’s freshness.

Ideal for self eating or as a pleasing gift, our personlised Easter Egg treats is a perfect expression of simplicity and taste. Each bite is an excursion into the universe of cocoa delight, having an enduring impression of pleasantness and fulfilment. Elevate your Easter with the effortlessness of good chocolate, carefully created to give pleasure and flavour to your celebrations.

Prepare for a dose of Easter fun with our personlised Dark Chocolate Easter Eggs! Each egg is loaded with 25g of scrumptious dark chocolate, enveloped with recyclable gold foil which appears to be subtle, rich, and ideal for Easter egg hunts!

Egg Description:

  • Similar to the size of a hen’s egg
  • Specially flavoured during the festive season
  • Minimalistic foil wrapping for simple outlook
  • Unadulterated chocolate goodness and scrumptious taste
  • Made with utmost morality and ethics
  • Manufactured in the Lincolnshire chocolate processing plant


  • Sourced from economical cocoa
  • Emphasis on morality of manufacturing and scrumptious taste
  • Customizable vegan-friendly options are available too
  • Diverse collection of flavours and foil colours are available

Packaging Information:

  • Absence of individual ingredient names on each egg’s packaging
  • Comprehensive details provided on the external box of the chocolate
  • Various finishes and impressions available including smooth, edgy, or crocodile impression for unique appeal

Ordering Details:

  • Additional pallet charge for orders more than 500 eggs
  • Option for courier route is available only at your own risk
  • Grab your personlised Easter Eggs as per the choice
  • Give us a message for pricing details for vegan eggs

Easter Experience:

  • Imagine a vibrant Easter day with friends and a basket of personlised Easter Eggs
  • All age friendly Easter Eggs
  • Eco-accommodating approach with unprinted, recyclable gold foil
  • Depicts commitment to a greener ecology

Dark Chocolate Eggs:

  • Ideal for surprise or sharing with friends and family
  • Deems to add a special delight to the party
  • Pleasurable and eco-friendly
  • Each bite creates memorable and eggstraordinary moments

Let the Easter egg delight to chase start with our personlised Dark Chocolate Easter Eggs which is  flavorful in all senses. It is made with all the goodness of scrumptious cocoa and other ingredients which will perfectly suit your occasion. It is a surefire method to add a pleasantness to your festivals!